Wednesday, June 29, 2005

rantings of a bored mind

I was surfing channels on television and I realized how few genuine music channels actually existed… I was chatting with a friend of mine and even she seemed to be echoing the same thought…
Initially there was MTV with all its promises of non stop good music… I must say that they were really good initially and they played some amazing music… Then gradually the good music started drying up while the crappy pop thing began flooding most of the shows… there was not a moment on the channel when Britney and her band of teenage wannabe whackos were not talked about… Their songs seemed to be “music”… well whatever… As if to prove that there weren’t just female wannabe artistes… a whole new clan of boy-bands spawned and they seemed to make MTV their very own hotspot…
“hit me baby one more time…”, “I want it that way…”
All songs seemed to come straight out of “What not to say in Bed”….
The rockers had very little to be happy about with only the night rock shows showing some semblance to music… Soon even that dried down to merely a show a night… and the reason .. well they had to accomodate variety in the channel in the form of hindi music… well it did seem like an okish idea but somebody ought to tell them that hindi music is not all about raunchy outlandish hip shakers baring it all to the “tune” of some “freak gawaar” turned “yo-punk overnight”….
While the abuses continued to flow in , there was some respite in that Channel V began to play some decent music… well how long could they hold on … with more and more junta preferring “meri beri ka ber” to “Romeo and Juliet”.. even Channel V shifted to airing more of the “most wanted” music…
So what does that leave us with… oddly timed shows with fleeting glances of Lennon and Morrison interspersed with Keating, Bryan, Shakira and the like…. Is there no channel which plays good music???? Damn!!!!
As if to answer our prayers … some god blessed soul launched VH1. Well by far the best music channel as yet on cable television.
Although VH1 is my favourite music channel as of now… there still are some reservations . Whenever I switch on the channel I seem to run into some big man calling himself 50 cents ranting some know-nothings in a "now-beat-it-punk" hurried .. low amp voice… Id have to wait a good 10-15 minutes before I get to hear what I was hoping to hear…
The point im trying to drive home here is that its time we came up with music channels specific to an audience… I think VH1 has taken a step towards catering to the English music audience… I personally feel that its time there is a separate music channel for the die hard rock fans… one for the fans of the ever so fast speaking rappers and one even for all the hip shaking, pelvic thrusting , booty baring bimbettes…
Till then my computer and my ever increasing collection of music shall be my company…

Ps: these are solely my and only my views… Peace!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

hold on

I just happened to watch the video of this song called "Hold on" by "Good Charlotte". By the time they had finished, I was pretty disturbed.. The song is an anti suicide song written in response to all the kids who wrote letters to the band about how bad their lives had been and how they felt about living a hopeless life.The video shows fathers,mothers,brothers,sisters,friends talking about the dear ones they had lost.. I was particularly touched by an old man saying " This not the order of nature.. parents dont bury their children .. children bury their parents...". There also is a girl who says that she is happy to be still living...

This world, This world is cold
But you don't, you dont have to go
You're feeling sad, you're feeling lonely
And no one seems to care
Your mothers gone and your father hits you
This pain you can not bare

But we all bleed the same way as you do
And we all have the same things to go through

Hold on, if you feel like letting go
Hold on, it gets better than you know

Your days, you say they're way too long,
And your nights, you can't sleep at all
Hold on
And you're not sure what you're waiting for
But you dont want to no more
You're not sure what you're looking for
But you dont want to no more

But we all bleed the same way as you do
And we all have the same things to go through

Hold on, if you feel like letting go
Hold on, it gets better than you know
Don't stop looking you're one step closer
Don't stop searching its not over
Hold on

What are you looking for?
What are you waiting for?
Do you know what you're doing to me?
Go ahead...what are you waiting for?

Hold on, if you feel like letting go
Hold on, it gets better than you know
Don't stop looking you're one step closer
Don't stop searching its not over

Hold on, if you feel like letting go
Hold on, it gets better than you know
Hold on

I was really touched by this song ... I mean there were so many moments when I thought that life was just not worth living.. So many moments when I thought that I wasnt good enough for this world... So many times when I got so close to the edge..
There were times when i felt that there's nothing to do but just give up and cave in.It felt like my life was not heading where it was supposed to be ... I felt like a loser and the future didnt seem like it held too much promise for me either... Looking back now I thank my stars I didnt give up... I know how close I came to the edge and I know how bad things could have gotten. It might have seemed like THE answer then but I know now that it wasnt...
Thinking about those times kinds shakes me up but I know that I would'nt have been as strong as I am had I not been faced with those hard choices.. I KNOW that I was not dastardly .. I know that there is a purpose... and most importantly I KNOW that there are the special people who really care...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

the cigarette that wasnt to be ... :)

Something weird happened to my friend that deserves a mention on my blog… Its not just strange but outright funny..
Ajay was out on Brigade road to have a good time. While his girl friend was busy shopping in one of the shops in the mall, he decided to have a quick smoke.The fellow found a crowded shack and managed to squeeze his way through the crowd ..
“Ek kings dena yaar…”
He tried to light the cigarette but the crowd was all over him.So he decided to get out of the place and then light the smoke stick. It took him a while to get out but when he did he realised that he had left his cigarette lighter back home… he looked around for some one with a a match but found nobody…
He struggled his way back into the shady shop and managed to light the fag with much difficulty.Another struggle and he was out of the shop.He was sweating and it had been almost fifteen minutes since he had left his girlfriend in the mall and come out looking for a cigarette. For a man who cannot spend an hour without a cigarette ,the relief was quite obvious.
Just as he was about to leave, a big man walked up to him and asked him for his lit cigarette. Ajay thought that the man was wanting to light his fag and so he gladly ofered it to him. The big man just said “Thanks, and walked away. Ajay trailed the man hoping that the man would give him back the cigarette. One puff, two and then another.. the man kept walking… He turned back , saw Ajay and asked
“ Dude, any problem?”
“My cigarette…. ”
“I thought you gave it to me…”
“I though u wanted to light your cigarette…”
“Well do you want it back then??”
“Eh.. ah.. er… no its ok … “
Ajay walked back to the mall… It was a good twenty five minutes since he had left his girlfriend at the mall. Now he would have to listen to her ranting and whats worse he hadnt even fagged… lol!!!!