Saturday, June 30, 2007


I came across this absolutely whacky arbit flash thingie while surfing the net!!! I mean the arbitness beats me for words....

I this this is a must watch!!! Good laugh !!!

add this to your site!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Go Goa

In march 2007, 4 totally vella fellows decided to take off to Goa to beat the stress at college!!!
It was a spontaneous decision and none of us would have even imagined that it would happen considering the circumstances... but well it did happen!!! and what a trip it turned out to be...

I had been to goa 5 times before this but this was by far the best trip to that place ever!!!! Zzanzan managed to capture some of those sooper moments on his handycam... and we managed to come up with this video!!!

In case you are having difficulty viewing the video... you can access the same here

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The omelette and the milk!!!!

Ive always wanted to cook something for myself... Ive tried a million times but have failed miserably... even the tea i make turns into some weird brown-black suspension... Mom tried a million times to teach me how to make at least the bare essentials but even she threw up her hands and gave up... Not only that.. she denied me entry into the kitchen...

I however managed to find an ally in Mansij... we would try to make all kinds of "exotic" dishes and would end up making some other "exotic" dish!! After surveying the mess, I would conveniently say "bye bye" while he not just had to clean up but also finish off the delicacies ...

However last week Vinayak and i managed to make our first successful omelette.... scrambled eggs actually... but none the less it was edible!! :)

Happy faces after the successful preparation of the omelette

Good god!!! was I ecstatic or what!!!! I dint cause much damage either... so it was all well.... UNTIL vinayak decided to crave for some milk...

I did not realise that cutting open a milk packet would be that damn difficult... I peacefully slid the blade along the upper corner of the sachet... the milk started gushing out... for some strange reason, i decided to hold the packet tighter. Dammit... the milk would flow more furiously... Just then Ritu enters the kitchen and sees milk spilt all over the kitchen and starts bellowing...

Im more nervous than ever before... more pressure... more milk... man!!!! there was milk all over the place now!!!!
So much for cooking!!!!! grrrrrr....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The trip to Dhanaulti!!

Date: 06-June-2007 to 12-June-2007
Place: Delhi... Dehradun... Hrishikesh... Dhanaulti (Whispering Pines)
Itenary: 40 hours by train to Delhi... weathering 43 deg celsius... 10 hours by Tavera to whispering pines... rock climbing... staying in a tent... rappling... trekking upto 10000 feet above sea level... visiting the Surkhanda devi temple... rafting... 7 hours drive back to Delhi...
Experience: Stunning!!!!!

There are some things that words cant describe... i'll let the pictures do the talking...

Everything was alright until the instructor decided that everyone should get a feel of the cold water... and then...

The guys even rappled... I missed out... i wish i hadnt chickened out... :(

but i did manage the climb.. 35 feet up... huffed and puffed.. but managed!!! :)

then there was the night trek and the bon-fire!!!

Finally... the trek to 10000 feet asl. It was one helluvan amazing trek!!!!

Sweating and panting we managed to get to the Surkhanda devi temple atop the hill...

we had our funny moments as well... more SCARY actually!!!!

All in all... one of the best trips ive gone on...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Orkut and Youtube worm!!!!!

Viruses are getting better by the day... they not just wreak havoc with the comps ... now they even laugh at your face!!!! no im not kidding... THEY LAUGH MUHAHHAHAHAHAH AT YOUR FACE!!!!! what balls!!!!

This happened about a week ago. I had some taken a friend’s pen drive to transfer some music onto my computer. After a while, I casually decided to check my mailbox. I tried opening mozilla and the computer threw a very strange message.

“ I do not have anything against mozilla but use IE otherwise…”
I was quite shocked. “Bill Gates???”

I hate IE. So I did everything possible to get Mozilla running but it was just not possible. I reluctantly opened IE and tried logging onto Orkut.

“Orkut is banned. The administrators have not written this program. Guess who??” Like it was not frustrating enough, a loud gross voice laughs at ur face… I was losing it … seriously!!!

This happened with youtube as well…Just imagine… u have a laptop… a high speed internet connection… yet you cant use orkut or youtube… and you cant use the mozilla browser.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling mozilla but it was not working. This went on for a week. Today I happened to find the manual "virus slaying" technique… am I excited or what!!!

Just in case you’ve also managed to get yourself into the shit-hole… here’s the remedy:

Log into windows in the safe mode (This you can do by repeatedly pressing F8 button after switching on the machine)

Search for svchost.exe in the system. Look for the files that do not lie in the windows folder and note down the path.The worm does not allow you to access hidden folders. So you have to first change the registry entries. Go to start à run and type regedit

Go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion
\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL and change the key from 2 to 1.

This will enable you to see the hidden files in the system.

Now check the path of the svchost.exe file. You will find that there will be a svchost.exe in C:\heap41a folder. This folder is created by the virus and has the associated mp3 and the script files. Delete this folder manually either directly in windows or through DOS.

Now go to:

\Policies\Explorer\Run. The key there will contain a path to the worm folder. Clear this key.

This clears the system of the w32.USBWorm.

This worm spreads through the USB port… so to prevent this irritating virus from entering your computer, disable the auto-run facility on your windows and always scan the USB device with a trusted anti-virus.

Im just hoping they wont try to get back at me now!!!! Phew!!!!