Monday, April 10, 2006

"Bruno Choo"

Dumass never fails to amuse me… Well!! Here’s one incident that makes me laugh every time I think about it…
Nick was this class topper material who kept pulling her leg all the time… sometimes casually… sometimes nasty… but what he didn’t realize was that her patience was slowly running out…

“Finished your kannada assignment???”
“Its not oatu dumass… its aitu…”
“Hey Nick… you know im bad at kannada... Why don’t you come over home and teach me??”
“Er… ok… sometime…”
“No you come home today.”
“Today…er... Got a cricket…”
“Pleeeeeeaase” *cheesy smile*
“Hmm…. Ok... Only one hour”
“You won’t need even an hour...”
“No… im a very quick learner. So catch you in the evening”

Bruno was a fierce Doberman… Dumass’ Doberman!! Now im sure you know what was on her mind… He had almost always been tied. One look and the weak hearted would invariable realize that they had weak bladders as well…

“Hey Dumass… where are you?”
“One second… Please remain in the porch... I’ll come right away.”

An instant later she opens the door, holding onto the belt that held back Bruno…
“Hey that’s a scary dog. Tie him up”
“He is bloody scary. Tie him up.”
“No I don’t like to tie him up”
“Then I won’t teach you anything.”
“Don’t teach…”
She looked once at Bruno and smiled.
“Bruno Choo”
With that she let Bruno loose. Now I’d like to remind you that Bruno had never ever been let loose when there was a stranger in the house. It was perhaps the first time he had heard those sweet words, “Bruno Choo”.
He ran towards Nick with all he had. In the meanwhile, Nick realized what was happening. He ran straight for the gate. However he realized that he would never get to the gate before Bruno. He noticed a stone slab, and scaled the neighbours wall using that stone. But Bruno did the same thing. By now Nick was screaming his lungs out… running for his life… It was man against beast… He ran right into the neighbor’s house… and didn’t stop running till he reached the balcony. Bruno however wasn’t that lucky. He was stopped at the door. He however wouldn’t budge. He stayed rooted near the door barking and growling. Nick was screaming, tears rolling down his red cheeks.
Dumass walks out smiling…
“Late for cricket match huh??”
“Il tell momma…”