Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kill or be killed!!

My eyes dilate..brows wrinkle.. Thoughts rush through a confused mind. My ears feel cold with little droplets trickling down the sides.. A steely resolve grips my heart.. The desire to break out of myself manifests itself in an urge to challenge the sturdy hands that supress my identity.. A dry tongue lends voice to the screams of my heart.. "I can't wait to be free"

The long years of pain and suppression have chained me to the ground.. groveling on the murky mire waiting for the sands to cover the mortal mess. Not no more!! The hardened heart waits no more!! The weakened body holds no more!!

My frail hands clutch the steel. "Will there be light??", " Is this the chosen moment?"
Staggering to my feet, I hold aloft the silvery streak.. The arms feel a strength they haven't felt before. My legs suddenly seem sturdy.. The diffused thoughts give way to a clear resolve.. Aa resolve to fight.. Of blood and gore i fear no more..

The chains cannot keep me down no more... The decision is made.. "Kill or be killed"
Oh yes... the sun shines bright...