Monday, May 01, 2006

Rod wins!!!!!

When i was in high school, we were staying in a rented house near my school.The owner of the
place had this dog called Tommy. He was a stray dog but the owner decided that he resembled him too much to let him remain a mongrel.So that was how Tommy had found a home.Tommy had these whimsical mood swings.... One moment he would be too lazy to bark and the next he would bark at even the neighbours cycle.
One eventful day one of my close friends decided to come over home.He knew of Tommy since he had come home a couple of times..but Tommy hadnt as much as even sniffed at him... So he had the impression that Tommy was too docile to even swat a fly...
"Oye Elweeeeeeeeen"
"Yeah dude... comeeeeeeng" i screamed back from inside.
I was changing so I was taking a bit of time.
Rod decided that Tommy was too tame to be frightened of. He thought that he would be able to manage.
He slowly opened the gate and started walking towards the stairs. Tommy was barking.. But then again barking dogs seldom bite.. so there wasnt any reason to panic... as yet!!
This was when something suddenly went wrong. He had hardly taken a few steps when Tommy suddenly jumped over the small metal separation, which was supposed to keep him from mankind,and headed straight for Rod.
Rod dint quite have an option. He started screaming heading straight towards me. Tommy for some strange reason took this as an opportunity to showcase his athletic abilities.He went straight for Rod's bottoms.He grasped whatever his teeth could.... and that happened to be Rod's wallet.
Rod however kept running.. he ran with all he had... Tommy's canines had penetrated deep into his wallet but even that would not stop him.. he kept running...
Tommy had to give up in the end... Rod won the battle againt the beast... however he still has the wallet with four holes... and fond memories!!!