Monday, April 16, 2007


I am here in Bangalore for my summers. If the first few days are anything to go by, I am assured of one helluva time!!!
During my working days, we used to get summer trainees at Iflex solutions. We would feel sorry for them cos they generally did those jobs which nobody else would want to. It seemed like it was all coming back to me… Only this time, I was on the other side of the fence.

We were supposed to report at 10 a.m. I was there by 9:30. I looked around and made friends with the other trainees. A little past 10, we were led to a conference room where we were asked to introduce ourselves. This was followed by an informative PPT. So far so good… The fun starts now!!!!

“Sudeep, Elwin and Ahana will be going to CVR campus. The rest will remain here.”
“You guys can have lunch and leave to the other office”
“Er… No we will have lunch there!!”

When we reached the CVR office, we were not allowed to enter the campus.
“Hello…. Who are you.”
“We are summer trainees.. we have been asked to report here.”
“Where is your badge?”
“We are joining now. We don’t have a badge as yet.”
“That’s fine. But where is you badge?”
“Duh!!! The badge is in your drawer. You give us the badge.”
“Im sorry sir. I cant let you enter the office.”
“Bhai saab!!! I have to have to get inside.. Understand…”
“No sir… “
Another one of those pot bellied guys came and stood beside him… We dint quite have a chance…

We did not even have the number of the guy we were supposed to report to. We called up the guy at WTR and asked him for our manager’s number. After about half an hour of cursing and ranting, we managed to get an airtel number.

“Sir… We are summer trainees. We are supposed to report to you. The guard does not seem to understand…”
“Er… ok give the phone to him”

Matter resolved??? Only temporarily…

We managed to get badges. But every door had magnetic swipe devices. But the badges did not have the swipe cards. They were merely plastic badges. So we had to wait at every door for someone to pass by. It was quite funny how every wait was not less than 10 minutes.

After speaking to our respective managers, we decided to catch lunch. We walk into the cafeteria and the guy there says.
“Sorry sir!!! Lunch over!!”
“Lunch over!!!! ???? What you talking about???”
“Khali saaar… No more lunch”
Perfect start to my internship I muttered…

We got our login details and the terminals. I sat down on the chair and was telling myself that I should finish all set-up’s and initializations before I left for the day…

I entered the login id and the password… the computer was not logging on… I tried again… and again… and again… The computer was just not logging on!!!

I looked closely and realized that there was no network cable. Phew!!! A series of mails and calls which finally culminated in the operator informing me that the computer would be ready only the next day!!!

Sharp 6 pm… I downed a cup of black tea… and set off homewards….
“Tomorrow can’t get worse!!! Just can’t!!”

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To Daffy!!!!

Daffy!!!! He was the BEST DOGGIE in the world!!!! The naughtiest, friendliest and most lovable doggie ever!!!! He was my bestest friend ever!!! I could sit with him for hours. While I would go on and on with my stories, he would look at me, nod his head and shake his tail… as if to say “been there done that buddy!!” He was a soopa doggie!! He could read my mind. When I was low, he would rub his furry back against my leg and look at me as if to ask me what was my story. When I was happy he would jump about with me!!!

Daffy!!! We all miss you!!! If somehow you do manage to read this, WE LOVE YOU!!! You may have left us behind… but you will always remain close to us!!!

May your soul rest in peace.