Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Idlis to the IIMs

Very inspiring article!!!!
Amazing how people overcome adversity by staring it in face!!!
check it out for yourself!!!!
just in case ur unable to read it from the pic thats attached, an excerpt of the interview in text form is included:

From the slums of Chennai to the hallowed precincts of IIM-A, you are among the select few who realised their dreams...

I always dreamt of earning enough one day to take my mother away from the one room hut we stayed in, to a life of comfort.

I have had a tough childhood and until I joined BITS-Pilani for my graduation, I thought everybody had a similar life.

I was just six when my father left us to face starvation. With a meagre salary of Rs 30, which she earned through a job, she managed to educate me and my siblings.

To make ends meet, she would make idlis and I would sell them on the streets.

But after all this, you refused a job offer of Rs 8.5 lakh per annum?

It would have been very easy to take up a corporate job and give my family all the comforts they have never had. But that's not my ambition.

I'd rather have my own company and employ one person who can support four other lives. That is why I have decided to begin my catering business.

Why only catering?

Serving someone food is an extremely satisfying feeling. The smile that you get after giving good food to someone is
an experience to cherish. Moreover, this industry has less investment and a high turn-over. For the time being though, I am working hard to negotiate offers I have received from different companies and individuals

And how is life otherwise?

I love bikes and cars... and yes, I do have a girlfriend who's very supportive

PS: source courtesy ToI!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Smitten bitten (??) and now shy...

Jack and Jill dint exactly go up the hill … But well they did what they had to do in there and came back all so sweaty…
Jack was 24... Oozing testosterone… Jill was 21… she was “yo”!!! Well like in most love stories they swore they wouldn’t have found anyone else better…
On that eventful day I happened to go out with Jack and Jill… Well the chemistry was perfect. Even the most non-sex related topics would make the two of them cuddle up … This is love, I thought to myself!!!!
A couple of drinks later a fourth friend joined us. We discussed at length what love meant to different people... While Jack and Jill seemed to be professors, Ron and I were content playing the role of diligent students. After paying the careful ear for nearly an hour, I realized Jack and Jill had just taken the opportunity (yet again) to tell each other (yet again) how much they loved each other!!! Forgiveness is virtue and im a virtuous man!!! Maybe I was too drunk to pull my hair …
I decided to call it a day. Thought I would get back home and retire to bed early…

Well I would well have had a great nights sleep but for Jack calling me up well past midnight. The gentleman (read ass) that I am… I picked up the call.
“Oye Dude…” *panting*
“Er… er… who is speaking?”
“Dude im in big shit!!!”
“Er.. My sympathies... but who’s speaking”
“Jack!!!!! What the **** are u calling me up in the middle of my sleep for”
“I got screwed man!!!!”
“You got screwed??? That’s wonderful. Very hearty congratulations… Now can I go back to sleep?”
“No you don’t get it… I just got caught screwing.”
“What in the hell are u talking about??”
“I made out with Jill and got caught.”
“Where??? When??? By whom??”
“I parked the car under a streetlamp on Jefferson Street.”
“Ok... And you thought you guys were the invisible love machines???”
“No I wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing!!”
“Under a streetlamp… yeah ok… go on...”
“The goorkha saw the windows looking abnormal...”
“It’s called respiration my friend.”
“Ah well… anyways… He thought something fishy was going on!!”
“Even I would... ok stop the crap... Tell me what happened... is it big shit or real big shit??”
“Well I had to open the door. He caught me with my pants down.”
“Wah!!! Three cheers to love... did he laugh??? I would have…”
“Ok stop being the cynical bastard… He threatened to raise an alarm.”
“So what did you do? You proclaimed your love for her again??”
“Nahin yaar… I tried… but he dint buy it...”
At this point I couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing!!!
“You cynical son of a gun… I thought you had a heart!!!”
“Well I do have a heart but well... The goorkha must well have had a hearty laugh huh…”
“Whatever… the guy took my dads number.”
“And Jill??”
“The goorkha dint see her.”
“So??? ”
“He dint ask her anything...”
I again burst out laughing… This time I was almost in tears.
“You son of a gun… Now what shall I do??”
“Tell your dad everything…”
I was bending over in laughter now, “Marry her dude... You love her don’t you?”
“Er… Well you know…”
“So much for true love”
“Which number did you give?”
“Yours …”
“You friggin chimp in heat… of all your friends on planet Earth, you found me??”
“Please help me out this time… Il return the favor...”
“Trust me dude I won’t make out with my true love under a god dam street lamp…”
“Dude but I hardly ask for favors from you…”
“Ass. I helped you out last week when Sheba and Jill both wanted to eat out at the same place…”
“Er… well ok… but this time… “
“Ok man… so I have to be your dad for a day?”
“Hmm… so much for Jack and Jill and going up the hill”
good night!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pune Files

Day One:
The signboard which greeted us in Pune read, “Mahindra Erectors”…
Awesome start to the trip I thought to myself…
We roamed the streets… got shouted at by the auto drivers … there was an instance where we got off the auto thinking that it was our destination only to realize that it was only a traffic signal.

Thanks to Dumass we found a room … After washing up we set out to do that thing we do… We roamed the streets... The German bakery happened… then the Osho gardens.
Varun and Vikram joined us… more loafing... More jokes…. It was finally time for alcohol. 

Thousand Oaks:
“Sorry Sir… only couples entry… ”
“Boss we’ve come all the way from Bangalore just to see Thousand Oaks”
“Yes yes... I understand … but couples only…”
More haggling... finally the guy agreed to let us have the drinks in the garden…
The historic SA-Aus match was going on and we were in no mood to stay in the garden...
Dumass steps in and does some talking… God knows what she did in there but the guy allowed us all to go right in… hmmm…
Awesome match!!! Brilliant ending… (Always wanted the SA team to beat the Aussies…) Barman’s pitcher… one more… a coupla long island ice teas and Pune was beginning to treat us just fine!!!!
Awesome first impression of Pune!!!!!!

Day two:
We missed the bus to Hinjewadi.. What a start to the day!!! We had to take an auto... Needless to say we got fleeced. But the campus was amazing man!!! Very clean and very well maintained… A few things scared us but on whole we were quite impressed by the campus… Encouraging scenes… decent hostel block… good canteens and hang-outs… peaceful overall… 
Missed the bus yet again and autoed the way back yet again…. Hmmm. That’s something we ought to learn… the bus timings

And I headed back home much lighter …