Monday, May 05, 2008

"Dude!! Where are the keys!!!!"

Raghu was thinking aloud...
"Lets do the banana boat ride when we get to the beach!!"
"Yeah man... it will be awesome fun", Sandy was visibly excited..
"You guys go ahead! I would rather walk along the shore than get myself drenched silly..." Anu was in no mood to get into the water!!
"Come on Anu... Don't be a spoil-sport!! we can get a discount if three of us go..."
"No dude... im not getting into the water... besides someone has to take care of the keys remember."

The three of them had hired a hotel room at Calangute and had forgotten to deposit the keys at the reception when they had set off for the beach! It was a bright sunny day... There was gonna be no rain...

When they reached the beach, Anu changed her mind and decided to get into the water after all.. She had to keep the keys safe though!

All three MBA grads had a blast.. they loved the banana boat ride... they came back to the shore wet but happy!! They had thoroughly enjoyed the little adventure...

Raghu suddenly remembered about the keys...
"Anu check your pockets... the keys are still there right??"
"No keys in the pockets!!" and Anu smiled...
Sandy and Raghu looked at each other puzzled...
"What do you mean, you dont have the keys?"
"No keys on me!!"
"They why the hell are you smiling like an idiot!"
"Cos the keys are safe!"
"Er... will you cut the crap and just tell us what happened to the keys??"
"The keys are not in my pockets but they are safe... I am the girl woman remember... you can trust me to be responsible"
"Hmmmm... Ok miss responsible one... whom have you given the keys to?"
"Given the keys to?? Nobody!!"

"You guys need to learn to take up challenges... atleast guess what happened to the keys"
"You buried them?"
"Absolutely!!!! Finally!!!"
"WHAT!! where??? what if someone finds it accidentally and takes it away?"
"Dont worry.. i have not left any markers"
"What!! No markers??? How are we going to find it now??"
"I dug up a little hole to the left of a boat and kept the key there"
"Which boat??"
"That one there.... Er... Er.. i swear when i had buried the key, there was just one boat there... now there are seven"
Sandy and Raghu were doubling up with laughter... Anu had done it again!!!

Needless to say, they spent the rest of the afternoon digging up arbit holes near arbit boats... unsuccessfully!!! So much for the MBA teaching common sense!!! LOL!!!


docnash said...

Lol...Kinda reminded me of "Three men in a boat"

The Ech Aar Manager said...

for once the hero of your story isnt me

Anonymous said...

Hey why have you stopped writin in yoiur Blog? judith, Bangalore

sanity_sucks said...

Im starting all over again! :)

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