Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Oh by god!!! hes got close to 500 friends on Orkut!! He must be really friendly..."
I overheard my cousin telling my mom..
"Yeah yeah... he is always on the chat or on the phone... talking to one friend or the other"

This particular excerpt of the conversation was playing on my mind for some strange reason.. It irritated me that a number on a website should determine my "friendliness".

Friends are like pillars on whom we build our whole existence... they are the ones who know the innermost you.. the ones who can understand you even before you utter a word.. They care not only to pick you up when you falter but simply walk by your side even in your most confident strides... You don't hesitate to shed a tear on their shoulder.. you don't have to explain anything to them cos they know everything...

Yet... the more the people who love you so dearly.. the more you feel vulnerable.. Would i want 500 "friends" knowing me inside out... maybe not..

I can count my friends on my fingers... yet, we are all friends aren't we.. ;)

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Impressionist said...

Number doesnt determine anything.
nice post there!