Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was wondering how best i can describe myself in one take, and hence the effort!!


I live black! Colours are coincidental.. I love a canvas with a dash of colours.. I swear by my grandmas Pork Vindaloo and sanas. Jack Daniels is inspiration and RC is a way of life... Music lends life to my existance while the music i create can take someones life away... I can sleep all day if i want to, or not sleep at all.. I like to speak to myself, my closest friends and my cellphone in that order.. I do not like the idea of technology invading my life... yet i give in and adopt to it..

I love cars.. the bigger they are... the more i love them.. I like girls... i like them more if they like me back.. I like English restaurants and fancy menu cards.. I like it when my pockets are full. I hate roses as much as i hate "honkers". I like silence when its comfortable to be silent..

I laugh with many but cry to few.. I dont regret shedding a tear.. I love to pack my bags... I love the night sky and i love the sound of laughter...I am amused by another human.. intelligent women keep me engaged... i measure conversation by my energy level at the end of it..

I talk even when i have no listeners.. i can be irritating and caustic.. i can also be shy!! Id rather the horns to the halo...

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